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I think they have sent a message that I'm surprised that they wanted to send to the market. I think the markets are seeing the neutral directive and they are saying, 'Well, they're done,' which I think is wrong.
Alan Levenson

I don't think we're in danger of going back to the kind of cycles of the '70s or the late '80s. I think the economy is still quite flexible.
Alan Levenson

O'Neill has been more optimistic about the economy and resistant to additional stimulus, so I suppose one could read between lines that he was losing that battle, and the administration is more likely to propose aggressive stimulus now.
Alan Levenson

I think we are looking for the trade gap to stabilize, not to decline.
Alan Levenson

[When major disasters strike,] the typical things that happen is that you reduce employment, production, income and spending in the areas that are affected, principally because everybody's holed up in their shelter or in a basement waiting for it to pass, ... Obviously money is not made or spending is not done as it normally would be.
Alan Levenson

The overall affordability of a home is still ample,
Alan Levenson