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Alan Chambers Quotes

We are deeply concerned about these young men and women because so many of us, as former homosexuals, wish we had been aware of the emotional and physical devastation often found in gay life. It is our sincere desire to empower them with this information so that they can make knowledgeable choices for their future. We will continue to be an advocate for those youth whose voices have been lost amid the inflammatory rhetoric.
Alan Chambers

Homosexuality is not a genetic predisposition. If someone is happy living that way, you can't force them to come out of it. But we give hope to thousands like myself.
Alan Chambers

What sense do I make of it? People fall back into sin. There are all sorts of reasons why people go back.
Alan Chambers

Our unhappiness and conflict came not as a result of an unreceptive environment, but from believing the culture's 'born-gay' message and resigning ourselves to an unhappy life dominated by unwanted same-sex attractions.
Alan Chambers

Our organization hears from thousands of teens and young adults each year who are desperate for information and resources beyond the one-sided 'born-gay' message that saturates our culture.
Alan Chambers