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Alan Ball Quotes

I didn't want to create a world of heroes and villains. I wanted to create a world of infinite complexity and confusion, ... I just wanted to see characters try to live an authentic life in a world that's increasingly inauthentic.
Alan Ball

As long as I can sell some homes and make some money, that's what we're in business for.
Alan Ball

I'm so jealous of you.
Alan Ball

[The dreamscape conversations on] Six Feet Under, ... with their own ideas about themselves and what that dead character represents in their lives.
Alan Ball

Nate, especially, is a character, whose overall story arc has always been inching towards full acceptance of his own mortality. And what is the final step of acceptance of one's mortality? It's death.
Alan Ball

I wanted to create an atmosphere that kind of forced people to grieve and go through the process of grieving,
Alan Ball

It's a twisted little look at cultural imperialism as refracted through a relationship between a trust-fund stoner and a male prostitute, ... It's really fun.
Ball, Alan