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Al Wolski Quotes

We talked to the kids about those three losses and what you can learn from them as far as character and hanging in there is concerned. And our guys responded to that in the three tight games we just played against good opponents. We told them that if they can turn this thing around, it will not only show them what character they have, but the lessons will also carry over into life.
Al Wolski

We know we have kids who can catch and kids who can throw and we preach it all the time about hanging in there, believing and keep hustling for something good will happen. Finally, it paid off.
Al Wolski

That has kind of the story of our defense all year. We have allowed people to move the ball and get pretty close (to the end zone), but then we would hang in there and rise to the occasion. They drove down near the goal line and then we came up with the turnover. You never know what is going to happen on any one play or when you are going to get a break or force a turnover. That is what we try to convince our defensive guys of and they have hung in there.
Al Wolski

We were trying to think what we wanted to do. We knew we had at least two plays because we decided to kick the field goal on third down, but Justin took care of that for us with his run.
Al Wolski