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Akin Akingbala Quotes

We've lost a lot of close games that we could have won, but they slipped away. We play the same way every game. But this game, we had to keep playing hard because Virginia wasn't going to go away. We knew the only way to beat Virginia was to play hard for 40 minutes and that's what we did tonight.
Akin Akingbala

As seniors, we've been through two coaches. We just kept playing basketball.
Akin Akingbala

Singletary and Reynolds score half of their points, so we knew they were the key to their victories every night. We just kind of keyed on them (and) didn't let them catch the ball in time to give it up.
Akin Akingbala

Coach is always talking about us mixing it up offensively - it confuses the defense. It worked today and it was great to get this win. Every ACC road win is big.
Akin Akingbala