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When I left India 25 years ago, everybody was headed to the United States. But now they all want to get on the plane home.
Ajay Kela
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But now they all want to get on the plane home.
Ajay Kela

Symphony Services' unprecedented growth over the past three years has been a direct result of our ability to capitalize on the rising demand in India for high-value work. By engaging in full lifecycle product development and analytics services, Symphony increasingly brings greater value to its clients and deepens its commitment to not only leading the world in these emerging categories, but to taking India's economy up the value chain with it.
Ajay Kela

Iron Mountain has taken a thoughtful, well-planned approach to building a worldwide company with a global service offering. In utilizing the best talent available in the world to extend its existing staff and increase capacity, Iron Mountain has been able to cost-effectively improve the quality and features of its solutions while speeding delivery and accessibility for its customers.
Ajay Kela