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His focus is definitely there. Nothing he does ceases to amaze me,
Ahman Green

You'd think the big news in the locker-room this week was the start of the preseason, but all everyone could talk about was the new Madden game. Everyone had to check out their new ratings and the new features in the game.
Ahman Green

This entire experience, particularly the negotiation session, has helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses in business. They provided tools that will help me become a better negotiator. I wish I could be a student here for a full semester.
Ahman Green

Nothing with me has been different, just our situation, ... I don't worry about where I start up at, or where I finish. As long as we are winning games is all that matters.
Ahman Green

We have to keep our mistakes to a minimum and not worry about what happened the last three games, ... Even if we were 3-0, we still couldn't worry about what we did in the last three games. We can't let it go to our heads whether we are 3-0 or 0-3.
Ahman Green

Second half is a whole new ballgame,
Ahman Green
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