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Adrian Peterson Quotes

I don't know how you prepare for him. You have to pay notice to what he is. The game plan is different with each running back. We have to know which tailback is in the game.
Adrian Peterson

[There was media speculation last week that Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson was unhappy with the play-calling and the direction of the program. The suggestion that he might quit the team created such a minor sensation that Peterson, who hasn't spoken often to reporters this season, felt compelled to deny the reports.] I get upset because I'm competitive, ... But quit and walk off that team? That's loony.
Adrian Peterson

A couple of those games we lost, we shouldn't have. Cleveland, Washington . . .
Adrian Peterson

To be honest, I'm kind of shocked. They just threw a monkey up in here or something like that.
Adrian Peterson

We came out there and we played smash-mouth football,
Adrian Peterson

There was no doubt in my mind that we were going to get it, ... The guys out there, they were going to bust their butts for that one yard, and we got it. We got more. We got the touchdown.
Adrian Peterson