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It looks like downtown Baghdad, the only difference is there aren't a bunch of Iraqis.
Adam Schneider

I don't care what a bunch of out-of-towners say, ... Trying to draw a comparison to development in the Pinelands 25 years ago to this is shoddy thinking. It sounds like one more person who is from out of town, who doesn't know the history of this project, who is passing judgment on what he perceives to be the current political climate.
Adam Schneider

What we see is a plan that has been working, ... It is turning the town around. People returned to the Long Branch beachfront in significant numbers this year for the first time in 30 or 40 years. We needed to get investment in the infrastructure of the area the city didn't have the money to pay for. Without a redevelopment zone the size we ended up declaring, it wasn't going to happen.
Adam Schneider

Everybody in the city knew from 1996 on that there were extensive plans for the redevelopment of Broadway and the oceanfront, ... The argument that people there didn't know until two or four or five years later is, to my mind, ridiculous.
Adam Schneider

MTOTSA, their idea of compromise is you walk away and deal with whatever legal problems you have from breeching the contract,
Adam Schneider

The guys made a huge improvement. Last year, I told them they were like eighth-graders wrestling at the varsity level. I'm proud of them for getting where they are.
Adam Schneider