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Adam Robinson Quotes

It's something we are trying to carry on to the younger generation to keep the hobby alive.
Adam Robinson

This is part of what we do as a part of military medicine, ... You have given much of yourself and to national service...you're going to do a great service in serving the nation.
Adam Robinson

Our commitment to caring for our wounded service members returning from Iraq, as well as our other beneficiaries, remains unwavering. Bethesda's role in supporting the staffing of the hospital ship only once again shows the dedication and flexibility of the hospital's Navy personnel, ... We will keep our promise to our patients here to continue providing the best health care for our Nation's past, present, and future heroes. We just ask that both patients and staff remain understanding during this time of national crisis.
Adam Robinson

We have a once-in-a- generation opportunity to do this. We're calling on today's students to make their contribution to the future of this university.
Adam Robinson

The plan last year didn't reflect the priorities of today's students. We started from scratch early this fall, and the concepts we're putting forward now are based entirely on student priorities identified through the survey.
Adam Robinson