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Adam Munro Quotes

He's been a big help. He changed my style to make me more in control. Before I was more reacting and got out of control sometimes.
Adam Munro

Bad goals to give up, the first and third. I've got to be better than that. Trent did the right thing in pulling me.
Adam Munro

They made some pretty good shots. They seemed to take advantage of their power plays and they've obviously got a good power play and they showed us what it was like.
Adam Munro

He made a big save. He must be listening to the goaltending coach, because he used the body pretty well there. A great save by him.
Adam Munro

It's funny but last year I went through the same thing. Both goalies went down at the same time, Anderson and Leighton, and I went from being number three to being thrown in at number one pretty quick. I'm trying to use that to help me out.
Adam Munro