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Identity Theft 911 congratulates Rutgers on stepping up on behalf of the university community. We're honored that Rutgers has chosen us to join them in fighting this epidemic.
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The writers needed to, as part of their jobs, take on taboo subject matter.
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The writers needed to have the freedom and breathing room to explore sexual topics. That's what the show dealt with.
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[Sex talk] was one of the tools of the trade of being a writer on a show that dealt with sexual themes.
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You can present yourself as an exotic muse the West wants but that's not going to sell clothes.
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Now our clients can continue doing what they do best -- writing and producing hit television shows with the knowledge that their speech is protected. The court found that the speech which the plaintiff was challenging was not directed at her and did not concern her. Quite simply, she was complaining about the back-and-forth sexual discussions of male and female writers on an adult situation comedy.
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