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I think it's kind of been the plan to take it slow, make sure there's no setbacks. Make sure nothing bad happens. Be smart about it. But I definitely feel like I could have played, and I don't think it would've been an issue.
Adam Archuleta

That's something the defense can hang their hat on. We're trying to establish our character and our identity. This was a great game, especially for our defense.
Adam Archuleta

I'm going to get in there. Get in the mix. Have fun, run around a little bit.
Adam Archuleta

It's embarrassing. We have to go out there and erase that from our memories. The only way to do that is to go out there and dominate this game.
Adam Archuleta

[If so, he had company.] That's two weeks in a row, ... We've got to figure something out.
Adam Archuleta

There's a lot of reasons, or a lot of ways you could come up with an excuse to shut it down. Or maybe feel sorry for yourself. I think this is a testament to our character.
Adam Archuleta