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Aaron Gagnon Quotes

I know my skating is my strength, but a small guy like me has to be much better than everyone else. There are some areas I need to work on ? my overall strength and defensive responsibilities ? if I want to make it to the NHL.
Aaron Gagnon

I started the season and two games in I am hurt. To go through an injury like that for six weeks was hard since most of it was a mental challenge more than physical to not let that pull you down.
Aaron Gagnon

Players who are going to move on in their hockey careers show up in the big games. To be a great player you have to be a great player in the playoffs.
Aaron Gagnon

We got the first goal. That's all you can ask for.
Aaron Gagnon

We played a strong game overall, but we made some critical mistakes and a good player made us pay. We can't give a player like Dubinsky that much open ice.
Aaron Gagnon