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I do support the cause, but not enough because I don't buy hemp products. I don't have anything hemp. I guess what we are trying to say here is 'Wake up!' Rock's the only way to solve it. Rock's the only way to bring hemp to the masses, not drum circles.
Aaron Baker

I truly believe I was sent there for a purpose. Other than the Red Cross, fate sent me there to help my brother.
Aaron Baker

like a lot of research tends to overlook children in some areas.
Aaron Baker

I was totally discombobulated. I wondered why was I here in Rochester and when the community embraces me, I just feel at home,
Aaron Baker

He can't evacuate with his wife and my niece, we're a little on edge about that but the hospitals taking every precaution to make sure the staff members area safe.
Aaron Baker

Words don't describe how that feels. That's probably the biggest win we've had since I've been here. We should have beat them the first time, but this time was redemption and it feels really good.
Aaron Baker