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Obviously we don't have a crystal ball... but I think with the relationships that we've established with local hospitals, first-responders and the Red Cross that we'll adapt,
Aaron Adams

They're all equipped with multi-purpose rooms and gymnasiums, ... If we had to utilize all the schools, we could hold 25,000 to 30,000 temporarily. That's the worst-case scenario.
Aaron Adams

If we go down and have no phones, no computers and no cell phones, we are still going to be able to communicate,
Aaron Adams

With terrestrial exotics, we said, 'Oops,' years later, and now we're spending a lot of money fighting them, ... In Florida, we're not there yet with invasive fish. Will they have negative impacts? We don't know yet, but it makes sense to find out. Once you're invaded, you can't get them out, but with understanding, we might be able to control them.
Aaron Adams

With all the lawn fertilizers, agricultural fertilizers, golf courses, etc., nobody's arguing that there are more nutrients in the system than is natural.
Aaron Adams