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This court certainly doesn't lack self-confidence. It's a conservative activism for the most part, but the justices aren't afraid to decide where the legal lines are drawn.
A.E. Howard

They are willing to test the boundaries of present U.S. Supreme Court doctrine.
A.E. Howard

They are not often reversed. I think that's partly because the 4th Circuit is relatively conservative as the Supreme Court is coming to be.
A.E. Howard

Ideology aside, it's going to be difficult to run the court any better than he did. We will look back on the Rehnquist court as one of the smoothest in the court's history.
A.E. Howard

It can't be that simple. Rarely is constitutional language that open and shut.
A.E. Howard

I think the document has to be read from a commonsense perspective. The constitution is not a suicide pact. In a sense, that has to be the answer.
A.E. Howard