CRM solutions that support knowledge work as well as process work represent the last mile for organizations of all types and sizes, and with our new Customer Adaptive Solutions strategy, Siebel is again leading the way, ... Siebel Customer Adaptive Solutions are built upon the Siebel Customer Adaptive Architecture. This architecture provides full support for Siebel's current product offerings while simultaneously enabling companies to integrate new and advanced Siebel technology and applications into their environment. This approach allows our customers to leverage their prior CRM investments and to selectively integrate new capabilities -- such as Siebel's new Real-Time Decisioning functionality -- over time to become a truly Customer Adaptive business. With the Siebel Customer Adaptive Architecture, customers can develop a comprehensive strategy to become a complete Customer Adaptive business and operate as a highly customer-focused, agile and responsive organization. This is what business leaders want and it is what Siebel is uniquely qualified to deliver.
Bruce Cleveland